hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I used two of your gifs and I gave credits in the description of the post(: —imagine-bands-and-shit

That’s cool, thanks!!

1 month ago ( 1 )
Could I perhaps get a gif of Michael's eye twitch? If you can find it? Thank you thank you thank you! —Anonymous

We’re not taking any more requests. Sorry!

1 month ago ( 1 )

We will not take anymore requests from anyone from here on out.
It’s too much to do and we have are just so busy to keep up. Thanks.

2 months ago ( 6 )
Your Blog Is Dope —Anonymous

Thank you!

3 months ago ( 6 )
Hey, I just wanted to say from one issues blog to another that I really love your blog! Also, I don't really make gifs so I was wondering if I could refer people to you when they ask me to make an issues gif; I was gonna put it in my FAQ. I didn't think you'd mind, but I wanted to check with you first. Thank you! —fyeahissues

Thanks so much, I love your blog as well. And of course! I don’t mind at all. :)

3 months ago ( 2 )
ur blog 😍 —Anonymous

Thank you (:

3 months ago ( 4 )

Remember when I didn’t need you? Well, I need you now to hold my hand up high say it’s all better child.

3 months ago ( 1032 )

Michael Bohn Smiling | Requested

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